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75% of folks living in the USA are likely to be overweight in the next 24 months. keep reading to make sure you are not one of them.

Do you struggle with stress eating, binge eating, emotional eating and all types of overeating?  Do you repeatedly go on diets, manage to lose weight, only to gain it all back?  Yes?  I know what it is to be overweight, tired, and sick all the time with what seems to be no end in sight.  Life is too short and beautiful to be fat, sick and tired.  I wish I had more before pictures to show, but I refused to take pictures during those few years that I was overweight.  I got fed up of hearing the, “fat,” or “chubby,” comments from friends and relatives.

Have you noticed that most East Asian people are slim?  There are Chinese restaurants all over the world selling greasy, MSG-Laced, unhealthy foods but yet, Japan, South Korea are known as two of the world’s slimmest countries.  China used to be on that list but their diet is changing (update October 2023).  What in the world are the East Asians doing to stay slim, and maintain their slim physiques?  Well let me share with you My BIG FAT Chinese weight loss secret that fascinated me so much due to its simplicity and effectiveness when I implemented it in my life that I wanted more.  So I discovered much more than I bargained for.


What I found was a multitude of additional habits of the Ancients and decided to share just 21 of their most amazing habits that are proven to work automatically for weight loss, weight maintenance, and also disease prevention.

So yes, you not only lose weight by adopting just a few of these habits to your lifestyle, but you are able to do it automatically and you will also reap the benefit of automatic weight maintenance and disease prevention. And when I say automatic, I really mean automatic!!  I did not diet at all.  Just by simply implement a few ancient Asian Culture habits, so many things with my body changed.

Join me as I share with you how I was able to

  • Shed stubborn pounds automatically, and also discover how implementing just a few of these simple habits have enabled me to heal my body from
  • asthma,
  • severe anemia,
  • severe candida overgrowth,
  • psoriasis,
  • eczema,
  • and fibroids the size of cantaloupes.
  • And is also helping me heal naturally from epilepsy after being on one of the most deadly anti-seizure medications for the past 12 years. Getting rid of epilepsy will take more than just implementing the Ancient Chinese Secrets.  I have been also using these amazing herbs that heal my brain as I sleep.  Follow me on my journey to becoming 100% free of epilepsy.
  • Cancer – I have helped two people in stage cancer and they are both still alive today
  • High blood pressure – discover herbs that can help you get rid of high blood pressure
  • Diabetes – You don’t have to suffer from diabetes anymore. Natural remedies awaits you

Furthermore, besides changing my habits physically, I also changed my habits on a spiritual level.  I have been also able to slow down the growth of gray hair, grow long healthy hair, and get rid of wrinkles.  It’s 2023 and I am 50 years old but nobody believes my age .  Yes, you too can do the same and  also:

  • Lose weight automatically, without dieting
  • Look 10-20 years younger, while maintaining weight, strengthening your immune system, and healing your body (yes I had to stop eating some of the foods you see below).

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