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The Carbon Family, our family of five, welcomes you to our website… BACK TO NATURAL LIVING…brought to you by the Ecclesiastical Healing TR (trust).  The goal of this website is to share our experiences of living life the way nature intended us to live.  My name is Vernette Carbon, the mama, and I’m the one that mainly adds the content to this website.  So I personally welcome you here.  We are a happy, tight knit family that loves life and try to find the positive in life no matter the circumstances.  We are a family who takes risks and refuse to live life in fear.  Life is to be enjoyed.  I beg you to enjoy every moment with your family, especially cherish those special moments with your children because they grow up way too fast.  I can’t believe we are in the year 2022 and my boys are now 23, 21, and 16 years old.  Time really flies.

I spent most of my childhood in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, and Brooklyn, NY where I met my husband, Gerry, in April of 1995 at the age of 22.  He was in the army and graduating from college the summer of 1996 when we met that Spring.  I was also graduating from college that summer of 1996 also. He proposed to me six months later.  We got married in June 1996, celebrating marriage, our college graduations and his 30th birthday.  It’s 26 years already?  Yes, we are growing old gracefully together…ha! ha!

We purchased our first home in Queens, New York, right before our wedding and lived there for three years before selling our home and moving to Miami, Florida for two years. I did not like Florida at that time because I was homesick.  I missed the crazy, hectic, concrete jungle lifestyle that New York offered.  New York was like a drug to me.  I was addicted and was suffering withdrawals symptoms.  I convinced my hubby to move back to New York where we soon realized that we could not live in New York because the home prices doubled in those two years that we lived in Miami, and Hollywood, Florida.   My mom encouraged us to move to the suburbs of Pennsylvania where homes were much cheaper.  We moved there and purchased a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house for only $50k,

We ended up buying a home in Pennsylvania that my hubby rebuilt from the basement up and lived there for 10 years enjoying the lifestyle of successful real estate investors.  My hubby converted that 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house into a 7 bedroom, 4 bathroom house.  He claimed that it was our dream house at the time.  Below is a picture of the house before construction and two pictures (front and back) of the house after construction.



Homes were cheap in Pennsylvania.  We bought 13 investment properties and rented most of them out.  However, things changed overnight after the real estate crash of 2008, where we lost almost everything.  All of our properties were “swimming under water.”  Tenants could not pay their rents.  It was a nightmare!  Foreclosure became a reality.   We knew of another investor that lost more than we did and ended up committing suicide.

However, despite a couple years of me literally losing my mind and suffering from depression, we decided we are going to keep our heads up and get back on track somehow.  No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn’t seem to find a way out as our minds were cluttered with doubt, credit scores went from 740+ down to 400.  It seemed as though there was some type of unseen hand just keeping us back with everything we tried.  When one door opened, it ended up closing shortly after.  Sheer insanity!  The so called American Dream became the American Nightmare.


It’s a horrible feeling to go from being wealthy to being in need, “overnight.”  It is devastating.  My hubby handled it much better than I did.  He was my rock at that time of devastation. My love for my hubby is beyond this realm.  As a matter of fact, I RAV him! Yes, I Respect Appreciate Value him and I know he feels the same way about me.  My mother and my brother Colin has also been there for us like no other.  Much love and peace to them both.  I truly appreciate them! Since nothing was working out for us in Pennsylvania anymore after the crash and there were several other issues that we encountered, we knew we needed change.

I kept on hearing the call of nature loud and clear, and told my hubby that nature is calling.  I didn’t even know what it meant.  I kept on hearing…”Go back to nature.”  So we wrote down 10 things on a piece of paper that we needed to change in our lives.  We made a drastic change several years ago, back in November 2012, to relocate as close to nature as possible with our three amazing boys in tow.

We ended up taking a cruise ship vacation and disembarked early at the Roseau, Dominica port.  It was scary for my sons and I because we never visited Dominica before.  Dominica is my husband’s place of birth.  So it was all  pleasure for him.  Nature was calling us loud and clear, and we answered the call.

First we started out living most of the year in the Caribbean and then the other few months back in Pennsylvania where we kept our primary residence and four rental properties.  We lived off the income of the properties.  The currency exchange of $1 USD to almost $3 EC dollars made it a lot easier for us financially than it was in Pennsylvania.  You see, we ended up renting a three bedroom, two bathroom house which overlooks the ocean for only $259 USD monthly.  Take a look at the amazing views from the porch below.  Would you pay $259 per month for these views?



Besides these incredible views from the back porch, would you pay $259 USD monthly for this waterfall located at the border of the yard?  It has delivered some very peaceful sleep and has kept me sane from time to time, especially when I was not feeling well. The sounds are so soothing.  Sometimes when it rains really heavy, the dirt washes down from the top of the mountain and the water is dirty.   If you have trouble falling asleep at nights, I encourage you to download the video below and play it all night long (video is over 10 hours long).  You will definitely sleep well.   Listen to the beautiful sounds of nature.  Just check out a few minutes of this video of the waterfall:



It hasn’t been easy, because just like what happened in Pennsylvania in 2008, once again, we lost almost everything, and this time it was because of the most horrible, geoengineered hurricane in Dominica’s history…Hurricane Maria (September 18. 2017). It is the same hurricane that hit Puerto Rico right after Dominica.  Check out the devastation in the following video that my youngest son and I put together back in 2017:

We had to move back to Pennsylvania for 18 months before going back to Dominica.  It was at the end of that 18 months we lost that property above due to some sick bank fraud.  Some people thought that we failed in our back to nature journey, and  we would never move back to Dominica.  When nature calls, it’s a calling that one cannot ignore.  Once you experience just a little taste of raw nature… the peace, tranquility, beauty, balance,  natural healing herbs growing wild everywhere, joy, happiness, etc., and also once you become aligned with nature, you have to go back to it.  That has been our experience.  We have also experienced that everything is happening for our good, no matter how bad it looks.  No matter what, we have never been left stranded.  We always thrive because we have changed our mindset to focus on the good and not the bad.  What you focus on expands.

We could have relocated elsewhere, but this is where we belong, this is the Nature Island of the Caribbean and the UN and it’s alphabet gangs are trying to infiltrate this very unspoiled island.  They have already done some damage, but we’ve been shown multiple times, the “Double Rainbow of promise,” by The Most High Creator Source, and they cannot destroy what the Creator has put in place.  It’s time for change, and change is coming.  We are Creators and we are here to create our reality as our Creator designed us naturally to do, and help all the people who want to do the same.  Naturally healing is our passion.

It actually took us two years to regain some type of normalcy in our lives again.  Despite all of that, living in Dominica has been one of the best things that has happened to us.  Living in the Caribbean again has made us realize how much of a lie we were living in the US.  The fact that you don’t even own your property in the US is sickening.  It’s sad that so many Americans are so deeply asleep that they have no clue of what’s really going on around them.

For example, I tried to get a land patent for that Pennsylvania property above and was told that I can’t because it belongs to William Penn from back in the 1600’s.  He owns the land.  Can you believe that nonsense?  So in the US, you supposedly own a house, but not the land that the house sits on.  Now that is what I call sheer insanity.  Also, even if you work for 30 years and pay your mortgage in full, if you can’t pay your real estate taxes, your house will be taken from you in an illegal and unlawful foreclosure.  Well guess what, after losing several of our properties to foreclosure after the 2008 real estate crash we’ve discovered how to get rid of mortgages and claim any home free and clear of mortgage and real estate taxes.  Sounds crazy, right?  Well it’s not.  We have successfully done it and are helping others to do the same.  Although we spend most of our time in Dominica, we still go back and forth between Dominica and the USA.

All American Citizens are slave and need to reverse that title of “American Citizenship,” and claim your securities.  Once you claim your securities, then you can gain the prosperity, which is your birthright that our creator gave to us.  You actually own absolutely nothing in the US unless you claim your securities, which 99% of the population knows nothing about.  Besides helping others heal their minds and bodies nature’s way, we are also helping people heal financially.  Again, we have successfully claimed two homes free and clear of mortgage and also received recoupments for those properties.

If you are an American Citizen (born or naturalized) reading this and you have public debts such as your car loan, student loan, child support, mortgage, real estate taxes, tax liens, utility bills, credit card bills, personal bank loans, and business bank loans, unlawful arrest jail bonds, etc., then you must claim your securities and start living life the way nature intended.  All of those debts are prepaid.  It is extremely important that you claim your securities.  If you don’t, then the government will claim you because they already claim that they own you.  You are an American Citizen slave and don’t even know it. It is not good to be a citizen of anything.  You don’ t even want to be a sovereign citizen.  It does not exist.  You were born sovereign, without the citizenship.  Feel free to contact us regarding claiming your securities.  You are wealthy, but you have to go through the process of claiming that wealth.  You won’t believe how many millions of dollars in credit (lawful money) that the US government owes you indigenous (“Black”) man and woman.  Yes, it’s 100% true.

The American dream is what we thought we were living for five years in Pennsylvania when the real estate market was booming.  However, we quickly discovered that just like the comedian George Carlin said, and I quote….“That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”  We are finally living our dream, by claiming our securities, establishing our trusts, going back to nature, and enjoying the beauty of living life the way nature intended.  We wish that every American would claim their securities and go back to nature, as nature is calling.  We love the USA, and will always love the good old USA.  Our next focus would be Georgia or North Carolina, most likely investing in vacation rental.  However, too much is happing there and all of the other states at this time.  So we can’t go back and forth freely as we used to during this Plan-demic.  We pray that things will change for the better in the next few years.  We can only hope for the best and keep on living our best lives because living in fear, which is False Evidence Appearing Real, is only a distraction in this fake world that is governed by sick, greedy psychopathic globalists.




If this is your first time visiting this website, look around, check out my new Amazon book, MY BIG FAT CHINESE WEIGHT LOSS SECRET, and make sure you subscribe to this site so that you can receive notifications of any updates.  Much love and peace to you.



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