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My name is Vernette of the Carbon family and also known as Sekmet Ra El.  It is my mission and calling in life to help my people facing foreclosure over-stand that they have options and they have rights. We as indigenous folks have suffered so much in the past and still continue to suffer today in a system designed to keep us in slavery, keep us at the bottom of the barrel in every way possible. Knowing that you are in danger of losing your home and actually being evicted out of your home is extremely painful.  It is also super embarrassing because the sheriffs, cops, movers, etc., do make a scene in your neighborhood.  It is time to stop suffering and it is my calling to help you stop your foreclosure if you are willing to do the work necessary and invest in yourself.  Yes, you can get your home free and clear of mortgage whether you are going through a foreclosure or not. We are successful at doing both.  You see…..



**  Paying tax is OPTIONAL!!

**  Registering a vehicle is OPTIONAL!!

         **  Paying a fine is OPTIONAL!!

         **  Attending a court is OPTIONAL!!

YOU CAN IF YOU WANT TO, BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO.  Surprised?  Well – try this on for size:

Every Mortgage and Loan is FULLY PRE-PAID from day one – you can pay it again if you want to, but you don’t have to!!”


The above mentioned was quoted from the book: MEET YOUR STRAWMAN AND WHATEVER YOU WANT TO KNOW .  This very short book, THE UCC CONNECTION: HOW TO FREE YOURSELF FROM LEGAL TYRANY , and BE THE ONE: TO EXECUTE YOUR TRUST, go hand in hand to help you get an idea of how we are going to help you stop your foreclosure, get your home free and clear of mortgage, etc.  I highly recommend that you grab a copy of these two $5 books from Amazon and the third book will put the icing on the cake in order to fully over-stand what is truly going on.  You see, your promissory note is equivalent to cash once you put your signature on it at the closing table.  The bank deposits your home’s promissory note as a check.  So a $300,000 promissory note is equivalent to $300,000 cash. That’s a fact!  Your promissory note becomes a check being drawn from your STRAWMAN trust bank account (located at 1 of 12 Federal Reserve Banks in America) which most people don’t even know exist.  This is how the seller is paid and again it comes straight from the Federal Reserve (STRAWMAN/Cestui Que Vie Trust) Bank Account of which you are the beneficiary.

The bank never loaned you any money whatsoever.  This is a fact!  Don’t believe a word I’m saying, simply do your own research.  Read books like Modern Money Mechanics, by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and you will discover the truth. You must give back what belongs the Grantors in order to claim control of what belongs to you such as your property. This way you will finally be placed in the rightful position of beneficiary, which they already know that you are.  You see they are acting as beneficiary, acting on your behalf because in their eyes, you are a debtor, a slave.  A slave cannot own anything.  They know that you are alive but you are dead to them.  You must prove to them that you are alive and well.  We will guide you through that process.  It is a lot of paperwork, but it is well worth the process.  It is so much paperwork that online “gurus” charge anywhere from $2400 – $3000 to do the entire process of changing your status and gaining control of your trust account for you.  I know because I paid $2,400 several years ago but it was not done correctly.  We will guide you through the process of doing it correctly and then filing it in the correct venues.  After giving back to the Grantors what belongs to them, putting it all on notice in the public, etc., this will give you the power you need to claim your home via your proxy.  You are the creditor and the beneficiary of your SECURED PARTY (STRAWMAN, Legal Fiction) trust, your estate, which is the true lender.  Your mortgage company is not the true lender.  They are the borrowers.  That’s a fact! Pay attention to the fact that almost everything we’ve been taught is a lie and that almost everything in the USA is inside out, upside down…the opposite of what it should be.  Almost everything is a lie!

So yes, your house was paid in full at closing, but the bank then tricks you into transferring (signing) the home over to them as trustees and they securitize the promissory note and trade it on the market multiple times, making them millions, even billions of dollars in credit and never give you a cent, even though you are a shareholder.  Instead they unlawfully make you “pay” them monthly for 30 years for something already “paid” for and for which they’ve made millions, even billions.  They are responsible for paying the taxes, but they make you pay the taxes instead.  What makes matters worse is that most Americans do not own the land that their homes sit onAs long as you are paying real estate taxes, you are simply a renter and you do not own your home.  It’s time to claim your securities (promissory note, mortgage deed of trust), discharge that debt, claim the land the right way, etc., and live in your home free and clear of mortgage and free and clear of real estate taxes. Imagine how much different and amazing your life would be since these are most American’s largest expenses. How much is all of that worth to you?

Let me say it again… all mortgages are prepaid at closing. I know it sounds crazy but it is 100% true. I will share with you exactly how and why it was prepaid at closing and you unknowingly at closing, signed your home over to the banks as trustee for them to do anything they please with your home. Your promissory note was the collateral, not your house.  Therefore, all mortgage loans and foreclosures are fraudulent.  You were tricked, bamboozled, scammed. The bank has absolutely no skin in the game but they end up winning the game if you don’t know who you areWe the people are the law.  Notice, your promissory note is only signed by you. Have you ever asked why is that? Have you ever asked why is your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS on your mortgage statement?   Even if your name is printed in Upper and Lower Case on your promissory note, they can still claim jurisdiction.  Your name needs to be written a certain way in order to beat them at their own game. What I have to share with you will blow your mind. It is time that you live the life that you were intended to live, the life that The Most High, our Creator intended for us to live.  Prosperity is your birthright.

What I have learned about securities (your promissory note and deed of trust) and foreclosure, very few people know, except for the judges, lawyers, sheriff, title companies, banks, and very few so called “gurus” online, etc. And they don’t want you to know that once you give back your trust, change your status, claim your securities, claim your deed, claim your land, take the bank through the administrative process, etc., without even going to court, they cannot touch your home. They might further try to trick you into re-contracting with them, by claiming that they have foreclosed on your property, but that’s all they can do is create false flags, use fear and deceit to try to trick you into abandoning your property.  Abandoning your property gives them the right to file an IRS 1099-A form to claim your property because you abandoned it.  So never, ever abandon your property no matter what, even if they threaten to call the police and arrest you and even if they change the locks.  The police is in on the fraud also. They do not have jurisdiction over you as they are foreigners. Always challenge their jurisdiction.

Getting a loan modification like other so-called foreclosure experts would tell you to do is just another loan that benefits the banks.  You can also file bankruptcy, but where does that lead you? It just puts you further down a financial rabbit hole and puts more money in the hands of the banks. It just delays the process of them taking your home anyway.  I am here to help you because I’ve gone through this awful journey, failed, and then succeeded. I know what it is to file bankruptcy.  I had to experience failure, pain, and suffering, not just once, but several times. In other words, my hubby and I had to unlearn in order to learn the truth of what is going on right before our eyes.

Almost everything we do in this financial system of commerce is a lie. Again, everything is upside down, inside out, opposite of what it’s supposed to be in reality.  Right is wrong and wrong is right….you know what I mean.  Most recently Satanism has taken over the USA and this is something we must be aware of in order to stop these criminals. We have been deceived on every level. It is time for our people to wake up! Contact us and let’s get started on the journey of stopping your foreclosure, getting your home free and clear of mortgage, and owning your land so that no entity can ever touch your property ever again. It’s time to get the paperwork started.  Everything is changing so fast and this opportunity will not be around for long.  The powers that should not be are coming up with every trick in the book to take away everything from the American people via the so called “Great Taking.”  The agenda is for every American to “Own Nothing, and be Happy.”  That is why very few people truly own their homes or their lands in the United States of America.  What was stolen from our indigenous ancestors must be given back to us.  That is a promise to be fulfilled straight from the Source.

 One-Hour Phone Consultation

To get started, you, the homeowner must schedule a one-on-one one-hour private phone consultation geared towards assessing your situation.  Everyone’s situation is different.  It is required to have a copy of your promissory note, mortgage (deed of trust), most recent mortgage statement, and any pre-foreclosure/foreclosure notice from your mortgage company or their lawyer handy during this phone consultation.  Educating, empowering, engaging and assisting you, with drafting up court documents, trust documents, form filings, recorder of deed filings, state filings, tax exemption filings, etc., to stop foreclosure and claim your home free and clear of mortgage, etc., is what we do. This is all a part of our membership site. Please note below our disclaimer:

Please note: If you are a Federal Government Employee, none of this would work for you because working for the Feds give them jurisdiction over you automatically.  Also if you do not have any income whatsoever this would not work for you because in addition to the donation to our trust, the filings, recordings, mailings, CUSIP number acquisition etc., there is a lot involved and it does incur expenses (about 45% monthly of your regular mortgage payments).  So please do not schedule a consultation and waste our time if you know you are not a candidate for this process. 

This is for serious people only and it is not for those looking for free information.   This is for people who know and appreciate the value of freedom and who are willing to do what it takes to be free from mortgage, taxes, and want to own their land without ever having to worry about any corporation taking it from them or their heirs ever again.  How much is that worth to you and family?  The goal is the “powers that should not be” is to take the home of every American.  This has been pre-planned for years.  You can definitely stop them with our guidance.

Check out the following video regarding a customer who never missed a mortgage payment but yet the bank was trying to foreclose on him:


Following is a text from this grateful customer regarding his court case response:

Yes as I filled out the paperwork and read it at the same time… I say you guys should open up your own Attorney Business I jus wanna make sure I’m filling out forms Right Is All!  You Truly Don’t Know How Much Of a Blessing You Both Are…? Thanks Again and Stay Blessed!!!

 ? Awesome ______________________________________________________________________

Also for homeowners up to date on your mortgage, but you want to get your home free and clear of mortgage, we can definitely help with that.  We have been successful at these tasks and are confident that we can help you.  Again, since each situation is different, an initial one-on-one phone consultation is necessary in order to assess your situation and get the process started.

Get Your Home FREE And Clear Of Mortgage

If you are a homeowner, up to date on your mortgage, but you want to get your home free and clear of mortgage, and tax free, we can help you do so. Your mortgage was prepaid at closing via your cash equivalent promissory note. You are paying the bank twice. They already got their funds at closing and also made millions off your note by trading it on the international stock market (Mortgage Backed Securities). A CUSIP number attached to your promissory note, a demand by a Certified Public Account to show the books on both sides of the ledger and an IRS audit on the mortgage account proves this.

Below is a testimonial from a former customer (2020) who lives in one of the 13 Original Colonies (Pennsylvania). He was not in a foreclosure. As a matter of fact, he never missed a payment in 11 years when he began this process. He simply wanted to discharge his mortgage and get rid of real estate taxes on his home.  He is one of the few customers that was told that they cannot claim the land that their house sits on by the Bureau Of Land Management. If you live in one of the 13 original colonies they (Bureau of Land Management) claim you cannot own your land. This not true! Guiding customers through the process of owning their land via the Meridian Line is one of the multiple things we do in this “Stop Foreclosure & gain your home free and clear process.

Following is another review/testimonial. This one is from Sunny, a very strong-willed grandmother, originally from Korea, who never left the battlefield no matter what was thrown at her by her county court, Recorder of Deeds, Department of State, and mortgage company. She gained a whole lot of confidence once she was able to change her status, gain control of her STRAWMAN and know her rights as a homeowner.  This process is a spiritual journey also.  You must know who you are. Hear for yourself her experience with this process:


The Video Below Reveals – The Discharge Of One Of Our Client’s Lis Pendens



Take Back Your Home If It Was Already Foreclosed Upon


Yes, that’s right.  You can get your home back even if it was illegally stolen years ago.  It is not a simple process but there is no statute of limitation on fraud.  If your house was stolen (foreclosed upon) even 5, 7 years ago, you can get it back.  I don’t know if you would want it back since the bank sold it to someone else, but if it holds a lot of past memories and you want it back…why not do what is required to get it back?  Some people prefer to get a refund on their promissory note by filing a recoupment and then purchase a new home.  The choice is yours.


So I bet you are asking, what are all the benefits of obtaining our help and becoming a member of our Stop Foreclosure & Keep Your Home private membership?

Following are some of the benefits of our Stop Foreclosure Membership:


1. Stop foreclosure initial process –  No need to go to court as your paperwork will be the court.  Get the banks off your back while you complete all paperwork necessary to stop the banks from having jurisdiction over your property for good!  Never make monthly mortgage payments ever again once you register to have us help you stop your foreclosure and keep your home.

2. Status Change – In order to keep your home, become free and clear of mortgage, and gain title to your land, you must go through the process of changing your status from a debtor to the creditor and beneficiary of your LEGAL FICTION.  You see, a debtor is a slave and cannot own anything, and that’s how your mortgage company and the powers that should not be sees you.  You might have filed a UCC1 initial statement, etc., but nothing seems to be working no matter what you have done.  The court is ignoring your filings and giving the mortgage company the upper hand even though they have no standing to foreclose whatsoever.  Yes, I, vernette, have been there.  I know what you are going through.  There is something missing in your process of becoming free from this system of slavery.  It is extremely important that you complete this process of changing your status and do it correctly.  A corporate slave is what you are if you do not claim control of your trust account.  If you don’t separate yourself from your legal fiction, claim control of it, and give it back to the grantors, then you will continue to be a debt slave under the jurisdiction of the powers that should not be and the mortgage company is going to take your home.  They are coming to take the homes of every American whether they are current on their mortgage or not.  This is the agenda where they want us all to own nothing and be happy.  Let us help you to stop them in their tracks.

3. Administrative Procedure Act – The process (as described in the free e-book) of foreclosing on the mortgage company – the mortgage companies are using a loophole to get around the Administrative Procedure Act Process and we have found a way to cover up that loophole.  The Administrative Procedure Act is what they use to foreclosure on you and you must use this to foreclose on them, but it must be done the right way with powerful affidavits.  Through trial and error, we have figured it out.

4. Claim Your Securities – The process of claiming the securities of your promissory note and the deed of trust (mortgage) – You have reportable original issue discount interest. Obligations that may have OID include bonds, debentures, promissory notes, or certificates with a term of more than one year.  If you choose, you can use the OID, etc to assess and recoup credits that you didn’t even know that you have.

5. Accept your original grant deed – Use the process of grant/warranty deed acceptance/acknowledgment to start the process of land ownership.

6. Impenetrable Trust – You will receive an impenetrable, irrevocable, Ecclesiastical Trust to serve as a proxy to the legal fiction and protect your assets and your property.  This trust is a special trust that gives you the ability to operate in both the public and private.  You can also use this trust to bring home bigger paychecks from your job if you choose to.  That info is also included in the membership site.

7. Special Land Patent – Homestead process of claiming your land, becoming real estate tax exempt, and acquiring title via the Meridian Line whereas no government, agency or bank can place any lien, attachment or encumbrance on your land.   Once you own your land, no need to ever worry about anyone taking your property ever again. We now know that a land patent from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is also fake land ownership. The BLM cannot give you what does not belong to them. This is how far these criminals have taken us down the rabbit hole.

8. Sole Proprietor/Foreign Grantor – Discover why you need a substitution for your social security number in order to free yourself from the jurisdiction of the “government” when acquiring credit cards, bank accounts, property, etc. Also find out how to purchase your property the correct way with a so-called mortgage loan, but never make monthly mortgage payments ever again.

9. Win your foreclosure court case  – Uncover the secret to beating your mortgage company in court no matter whatDiscover why very few people win their foreclosure cases.  Expose the “government’s” century-old evil, dirty secret in your court documents and watch them make your case disappear.

Your foreclosure will be stopped, you can keep your home free and clear of mortgage, own your land and pay no more real estate taxes.  It is a whole lot of paperwork on your part, and yes, most of our customers are shocked at the amount of paperwork, but it is worth it all.  Imagine stopping your foreclosure, owning your land, and living in that home, making memories for another 20 – 30 years and not having to pay another cent in mortgage and real estate taxes…again, how much is that worth to you?  Besides owning an extremely valuable impenetrable ecclesiastical trust (worth $1900) that you can use to protect your assets, to protect your real estate, serve as your Legal Fiction Proxy, etc., we went even further by throwing in the following:

10. Discover how to discharge your public debts (such as your credit card debt, student loan, child support debt, car loans, medical bills, IRS debt, bank loans, etc). Also uncover how to assess your taxes quarterly or annually by filing claims (recoupments) on those discharged public debts (even your promissory note, if you were foreclosed upon), receive your well-deserved refunds and live a life free from financial slavery.  Yes, the IRS has been extremely slow in the past year with issuing refunds, but it is in your best interest to file your claim because your account must be zeroed out and balanced and they owe you those returns on those debt assessments.  Also you will learn how to purchase a home with a mortgage the right way and discharge it at closing so that you make no monthly payments to the mortgage company.  You will also so learn how to do the same with a car.  Remember, these debts are already pre-paid at closing.  It’s up to you to claim your securities, claim what belongs to you and live the life that your Creator intended you to live.  Prosperity is your birthright.

Now Let’s Take A Sneak Peak Inside


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Note: This is not an easy journey. It is a collaboration of several intense processes and paperwork.  Consultations are $100 donation to the Ecclesiastical Healing Trust for one hour.


To get started contact us by phone, text, or email  below:


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If you have any questions feel free to click on the “Contact Us,” tab above to send your question. You will receive a response from vernette or arthurly carbon within 24 hours. We are looking forward to speaking with you.  By the way, make sure you click on the “About Us” page to check out my family’s story.  This way you know a little more about vernette and family, see that we are down to earth people who went through a lot in life, but The Most High Creator Source has never failed us. Although I am a pastor’s daughter, born and raised in the Pentecostal Church, my family and I are not religious people, but very spiritual people. There is a big difference between the two. Despite the fact that we mainly work with our own indigenous (so-called “Black”) people, we do not discriminate against helping anyone because of their religious beliefs, race, status, etc.

The procedure in the free e-book is one of several processes and only a small part of the entire stop foreclosure, keep your home free and clear of mortgage process.  So once you are ready to get started with this process, go ahead and schedule your one on one phone consultation.  Everyone’s situation is different and this consultation will determine where you get started in the process. Looking forward to speaking with you soon.  Peace…


Do not transfer or surrender property titles at a below-market price to anyone and do not bypass the lender and make payments directly to anyone else. Vernette Carbon, and ECCLESIASTICAL HEALING TR are not associated with the government or any state government office. Our services are not approved by the state or your mortgage company.  You should not discontinue communication with your mortgage company. It is not necessary to pay a third party to arrange for a loan modification or other form of forbearance from your mortgage company. You may call your lender directly to ask for a change in your loan terms. A list of non-profit housing counseling agencies approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is available from your local HUD office or by visiting  By submitting this contact request, you are consenting to be contacted by Vernette Carbon or Arthurly G Carbon. Only Vernette or Arthurly G Carbon will contact you, and will not share your contact information with any third parties. Once you’ve made contact via email or text, you will receive a response from Vernette or Arthurly Carbon via email or text, your free e-book will be attached. We will also schedule a phone consultation if that is your decision. You agree that what`s being presented is not offering anything defined as someone buying or selling goods and services. If we had to charge clients for the combination of processes in our membership site it would cost thousands monthly. We are NOT a business operating in Commerce. We do this to Uplift Fallen Humanity and to Help people in common losing their homes and needing help and guidance to navigate through and resolve the issues that come with the threat of losing a home. We do not offer legal advice. Our guidance is based on past and current experiences and also knowing the law. The powers that should not be are coming up with statutes and mandates to further enslave us and take everything from us, but the Constitution for the United States of America, the Republic (the real organic constitution) always stand as the supreme law of the land. The veil of deceit of their fake constitution is being lifted, and you are helping not only yourself and family by joining our team to claim your land, but also helping to save fallen humanity.


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