3 Dirty Nasty Secrets Of The Solar Generator Industry

Living without electricity for weeks, months, even years would be unimaginable to most people on this planet. However, you never know what could happen especially with the madness going on right now on this planet. My family and I were pretty much prepared for disaster; however, we were disappointed when our solar generator of 3 years died on us and prior to hurricane Maria.  We called the company that we purchased it from and explained the situation, and they troubleshooted the problem with us. No matter what we did, the generator just wouldn’t work anymore. And guess what, around the same time we purchased our solar generator, we recommended it to my brother-in-law, and he purchased one. His solar generator battery also died right after ours did. Mere coincidence? Nope!

You see, we found out that most of the so-called “best” solar backup generators promise far more than they deliver.

Portable solar generators really do have a lot to offer…alternative electricity and the freedom to live a life without depending on the big electric companies for electricity. However, it is imperative that you know enough to avoid being fooled. This is what I’m about to share with you right now.

This website exposes the most common dirty, nasty solar generator secrets. It explains some of the false claims and typical design limitations, but most importantly it reveals to you how to get the kind of reliable, long-lasting solar energy protection you and your family really needs, especially in a time of crisis where there’s no electricity, no sunlight. Now let me share with you:

Dirty Nasty Secret#1: Most ready-made portable solar generators deliver way too little power

Some of the most heavily publicized models claim 1800 watts of output. That sounds like a whole lot of power, right? Well, here’s the problem with that. First of all, 1800 watts is not that much power. You will be surprised to hear that just one measly toaster oven uses 1500 watts…yes, 1500 watts! Could you imagine also that even a simple coffee maker needs almost the full 1800 watt output? Well, that’s the case, and you know what else, most 1800 watt solar generators can only sustain their maximum rated output for no more than 30 minutes. Are you kidding me? No I’m not. We had to learn the hard way. However, our generator had more power, but again, it didn’t last as long as Miss Janie Fire. Oh by the way, that’s a joke.

Dirty Nasty Secret#2: Most portable solar generators cannot be repaired

Most people pay good money to buy energy alternative, security for tough times, only to find they’ve purchased short-lived solar junk that delivers no security at all. Again, we found out the hard way. The sad part is that no matter what we did we could not get it to work again. You see, most portable generators on the market are combined in a way that stops you from fixing them. If just one part breaks and you’re toasted, left without power. Let me tell you that it’s extremely devastating to not have that power when you need it most. Knowing that it was deliberately built to last only that short period of time really hurts, especially knowing that you’re now out of a lot of money.

The really great part about building your own solar generator or having us build it from scratch for you is that you get to know the system inside out. We will share with you how to fix it if it ever breaks, as we create step by step video instructions as we build your custom generator. So like I said previously, you get to know your system inside out. We never had to fix our old generator because nothing ever broke. It was just that it died on us for no reason whatsoever after those three years of usage. It should have lasted at least twice as long.

Dirty Nasty Secret #4: Most portable solar generators have no backup power if there is no sunlight

The sad thing is, during a storm or even during the winter months in colder climate, the sun does not shine every day. In Dominica, we get a whole lot of sun, but there are times during hurricane season where it would rain for a few days at a time and the sun would fail to peak its head out. So what do you do when there is no sun? Well, with our solar generators, a wood burning stove can be used as a backup source of energy. Now that’s what I call security to the fullest!

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